Wednesday, 21 October 2009


The vegan diet seems aeons ago, and I feel it is time I challenged myself once again. This time, however, I want the challenge to involve cooking. And eating. Lots of cooking and lots of eating. The question is, how masochistic am I? Or, more importantly, how sadistic are you? I don't want some cop out that I've chosen - I want YOU to decide for me.

Here are some ideas to get the cruel juices flowing:

- how much weight can I put on in a week? Not advised.
- only eating things that start with the letter 'm'
- only cooking James Martin recipes for a week
- cornershop week
- fast food week
- endangered species week

Give me your best shot. I wait with baited breath.


  1. How about venturing through the ABC of take-aways? There will be some tough ones to find (or think of) for sure but it might just be possible to accomplish in this fair city of ours.

  2. Number one please - how much weight can you put on!

  3. You could live (quite happily I think) on Floyd for a week - and rather more interestingly than James Martin.

    A financial challenge would also be good. Could you feed yourself for a week on 20 quid? (You'd be allowed stuff from your storecupboard but mustn't deliberately stock up before.)

  4. How about eating your way down a particular path via food stores & restaurants eg; Hackney to Old Street roundabout?

  5. Good ideas all so far.

    Lizzie- not sure what it will do for my chances when we go on our date
    Danny - something ABC-based could be a cracker
    Fiona - Think Floyd would be far too easy. JM more masochistic.
    Anon - Like the idea of being a wandering tramp. Think I'd nail it

    Much to mull over.

  6. How about breaking or setting a record for
    the largest commercially available burger.
    The current world record is in weight: 84.14 kg.
    but thats an American one, strictly speaking
    a PATTY. I challenge you to make the largest
    commercially available burger in Britain.

  7. Sophie Calle had a project called The Chromatic Diet, which reflected her collaborations with Paul Auster, where she colour co-ordinated her meals. Everything in the meal, including drinks, were one colour (white for one day, green for another etc.)
    It looked brilliant:

  8. You can only have foods/drinks mentioned in song lyrics - anything from hot cross buns to cristal.
    This can be tied in to your weekly playlist, so it would be a double challenge.

  9. Finlay - that's quite a challenge, although it doesn't quite fit the bill as far as bizarre diets go. I reckon it's one to keep up the sleeve for next summer.

    AZ - a monochromatic diet is definitely one that I've thought about, could have some interesting consequences.

    Georgia - LOVE it. Think we may be on to a winner (though of course this will go to a vote).

  10. Foraged food only - I suppose chuck outs from supermarkets should be allowed as there may not be many chanterelles growing in the Hackney Road. Go freegan, Larderlout.

  11. making the largest mince + tomato sauce (the collective word escapes me now) and seeing how long you can live off it for (breakfast / lunch and dinner) ie: lasanges / Sheppards pie/ pasta...

  12. Easting Making the largest bolonaise sauce and living off it for the week. Every meal. Once your past, lasagne, pasta, sheppards pie... where will you go?

  13. Plain English - crikey, that's a helluva challenge. I'd happily do it were I home oop north, but frankly I don't want to go scratching around in bins in Shoreditch, God knows what I'd find. Have you not seen the Mighty Boosh 'Crack Fox' episode?

    Katie (x2) - I think this is an excellent suggestion and ties in well with Fiona's idea above of seeing if I can live off £20 for a week.

  14. Offal for a week could be interesting and might save you a few pence. I hear chicken's feet are going cheap (oops, sorry Houdini), but if that sounds like too much of a faggot then how about nothing but canapés? Nougs :)

  15. Dice living with food? Three nice suggestions and three nasty suggestions for every dice roll... could be quite entertaining to read as challenges go. :)

  16. Food of Central Asia. I dare you.

  17. Work your way round your local international delis/corner shops to find unusual ingredients. On many local high streets now you can find Turkish, Polish, Italian, Chinese, Asian, Halal... There is so much choice in Britain's ever more multicultural society. But most Brits don't know what ingredients to buy or what they can cook with them. It would be cool if you showed us how we can make use of this choice and add a dash of culinary mix to complement our cultural mix.

  18. I reckon a different one each day. Day 1: how much weight can you gain, day 2: only eating things that start with the letter m etc etc.