Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Investigation into London's rich cultural diversity, Day 1

- Polish provisions on your doorsklep (sorry).

Yesterday I began a week of looking at what London has to offer beyond standard supermarket fare. The results are below. Be not alarmed by the video's duration, as always there is some music at the end - this time courtesy of the wonderful Beirut.

Polish shops for you - Click here to see where they are.

Oh - the recipe:

Serves 2 - probably costs 75p a head

1 jar of szczaw
A little chicken or vegetable stock
A little cream
An egg

Empty the jar of sorrel into a saucepan and add some stock. Simmer. You won't need to season the already salty soup.

Meanwhile boil an egg for 8 minutes.

Add a little cream to the soup and stir for a minute. Peel the egg and cut it in half, before serving on top of the soup in warm bowls.


- The sharpness of sorrel makes it ideal for fish; try draining the szczaw and serving it warm with a smoked mackerel fishcake.
- A szczaw sauce/white fish combo is similarly a match made in the upper reaches of Elysium
- Try the patties on this Polish blog

Hit me with further sorrel-based ideas if you have any.


  1. Excellent research, Larder Lout. Do you think perhaps Houdini was trying to tell you it was Sorrel? What did it taste like? Can you give me the recipe and tell me how much it cost to make? (^_^)

  2. Good one, except I rather hoped you'd make some flour, water and sorrel Christmas bread.

  3. Oh yes good thinking, Pain English. I'd like to know what that flour-and-water bread is like too. Just saw you twittering about your lambs' intestines, Larder Lout. Perhaps you could make yourself a lamb sandwich — or would that be too alimentary? N :)

  4. I think you should set up a twitter account for Houdini

  5. It has been said that Houdini is a master of ingredients, so perhaps he was trying to explain to me what szczaw was. It would certainly merit a twitter account, though I fear he is so vocal that his may be shut down.